Oasis Hospital has been serving the residents of the Eastern Region since 1960 . To serve the need of the area an additional hospital wing is being constructed
The scope work for Mechanical systems includes Drainage . Waste Water,Hot, Cold & Chilled Water Systems, fill HVAC , BMS, Medical Gases, Pneumatic Tube System and Fire Fighting. The Electrical systems include full HV and LV distribution networks incorporating SCADAedical Service panels , power monitoring , UPS System , Security Systems , complete DataComms and Active Equipment installation , IpTV System ,PAtient Queing System,Nurse Call,Patient Entertainment & AV Systems Medical Service Panels Bedhead Units and Operating Theatre Pendants.
: Oasis Hospital ,Al Ain
: Peddle Thorpe Architects
Main Contractor
: John Sisk & Son Construction LLc
: Aurecon /Community Development Group
Construction Period
: 16 Months
Scope of Work
: MEP installation