Al Ahmadiah is a strong cohesive unit of builders. Our hearts are inherently tied to processes of accomplishment and efficiency. Waste is and always will be a disappointment and a representation of failure. Despite our principles and efforts there are restraints (e.g. funding, recycle services, culture, etc...) that prevent us from accomplishing the material application and operational efficiency that could be achieved. This all changed in July 2008 when the Mubadala Company established Masdar City and removed any and all obstacles for completing not “just” a building, but an entire city of zero carbon, self sustaining, super efficient buildings, infrastructure and utilities.
This commitment is endorsed by the world’s leading organizations and the crown jewel of these organizations, IRENA - International Renewable Energy Agency, has established their headquarters in Masdar City. Al Ahmadiah committed their senior staff and resources to the support and realization of Masdar City.
: Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company
Main Contractor
: Al Ahmadiah Contracting & Trading
: Foster and Partners / RW Armstrong
Construction Period
: 36 Months
Scope of Work
: MEP installation